View Full Version : Helios 4 vs 250-400w HPS in 0.60m2

06-10-13, 01:47 PM
Hi there, groom nearly there now and have worked out I have 0.6m squared in total. Tossing up between a helios4 and a hps system. The downside of the hps is the heat because of where the groom is. Has anyone actually used the helios as keep reading conflicting reports on yield and quality etc. don't want to make a costly mistake and keep having niggly doubts? Would i still get a good yield with a 250w to try and keep the heat down a bit? If anyone has actually used the helios leds please give me your honest opinion, I can only afford to buy once!!! Many thanks

08-10-13, 01:29 PM
Ok, so after lots of reading and web research, I have taken the plunge on a grow northern ms0006 for my groom. They are arriving Thursday and should be shipped fri or Monday. Can't wait to get going!! It will have the switches to control the modules in sets of 2. Can't wait!!!