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High-grade warrior
05-03-11, 08:13 PM
Am currenly using vitalink nuts full range is any one else using or used them an are they top nutes or shud I pay more an get different guy who sold em me said they was the nuts but he is gonna en he

05-03-11, 08:20 PM
Vitalink is sound mate I have used them for years and they are covered in my diary below if that helps depending on your medium.
Have fun

High-grade warrior
05-03-11, 08:42 PM
Yes m8 shit looks just like mine nice frigging buds man I use canna boost and pk 13/14 aswell as the buddy but I stop the buddy as hit with the pk do u reckon I shud stick to jus the vitalink stuff 4 a grow to compare

High-grade warrior
05-03-11, 08:43 PM
Lovin the nft / dwc setup m8 heavy best of both en it

05-03-11, 08:43 PM
as icon says, vitalink is very good, infact ive only ever used vitalink so i guess im not the best judge but they certainly do the job at a top standard :)

06-03-11, 12:07 AM
im on my first grow with them and not had any problems with them very happy they seem to be quite forgiving

regards g

06-03-11, 07:28 AM
im using vitalink max at the minute, the veg side of stuff is good but when you hit flower this is where vitalink is a let down , i will explain :)

vitalink max has a little to much nitrogen in its bloom feed and its ratios are 5-4.6-9.6 ontop of this if you are using vitalkink max you will most probably be using vitalink buddy which is vitalinks pk booster and again the ratio of the buddy is 3.6-6

now both products together seem way to low in the bloom feed compared to canna

canna aqua flores - 4-4-11

canna pk 13/14 = 13/14

when both them products are added together you can see that canna is stronger and will give you a better pk ratio which is what is most important in flower, plants dont use that much nitogen in flower so you need to lower the nitrogen and increase the p/k

i find the vitalink max to be more of a begginers nutrient because its not strong and very very easy to work with but if you want results with vitalink then you gotta tweek the bloom feed somewhat

an example would be to use canadian xpress superior potash alongside vitalink bloom, canadian express potash is a pk booster which is 9/18 and would benifit the vitalink max in bringing the ratios up in the bloom feed

what i plan on doing this time round with flowering is as follows

vitalink max bloom + pk13/14, i will lower the amount of vitalink max and increase the amount of pk13/14 which should give me a more stronger bloom feed, the key thing here is to start the pk/13 feed early at lower dosage and increase untill the final weeks

alongside this i will use carbo-load which is basically mollasses for hydro and is high concentrate sugar which the plants love and it acts as a transport to pass all the other nutrients around the plant at a quicker rate

sorry for waffling but you did ask lol

06-03-11, 08:58 AM
Seymour Great post mate. Whilst I dont disagree with what your saying I will say that the reason I use Vitalink is because it gives me the versatility to adapt the nutrient easily if so desired. But im a lazy git so i just add the fulvic a bit more buddy and hardly any bloom feed at about week 6 of 12/12 stage from then on im dropping the ec down till the flush

The problem I find with pushing the PK anymore is a real chance of the crop dying whilst your boosting and you thinking its just the bud absorbing nitrogen from the leaves then with about 7 to 10 days left they just drop and you end up with a shitty tasting bud.

There is a maximum the plants will take and all though I do like to push the booster weeks it is not something that should be overdone and often is, so always be cautious and make detailed notes for future reference.

Sour and Mataro are looking lush btw

06-03-11, 09:14 AM
im not suggesting boost the pk on every feeding what im saying is build it up gradually over the course of the flowering period, i will be using the hesi formula and obviously tailoring it to me needs in terms of flowering weeks


pk boost is a bit hit and miss and loads of comapanys tell you different times to use it for example canna and vitalink both say to use their pk at different times and for 1 week only

the theory behind the hesi pk boost regime is that the extra pk is there for a longer period of time so you aint gonna miss the all important surge when the plants want the extra boost

obviously this will make sense to yourself as you have an undertsanding of why and how nutes work

yeah vitalink is a very weak base nutrient its a building block so you can tailor your own feeds, where as canna is more advanced and a little will go a long way, you will get results with both products i just find canna a stronger base nute so you dont really have to add much more to it

in terms of value id recommened canna cause by the time you bought all the stuff to make vitalink work to peak performance the ratios are gonna match cannas

thanks for the comments on my plants not bad for autoflowers hey ;)

06-03-11, 12:48 PM
thanks for the info guys even more to think about though ive just stared 12/12 a few days ago any advice what how to use the max ab bloom and buddy for this ? should i add anything? the plants are nice and big no real prob so far a few brown spots on a couple and a couple of bottom fans gone yellow on one plant but it seems to be not spreading

regards G

High-grade warrior
06-03-11, 12:54 PM
Yes m8 totally agree I'm fine in veg then wen I hit flower I struggle on week 5 but I also use the pk an the boost think I might change nutes to canna my m8s use it an they seem to get better results to b Frank

06-03-11, 03:42 PM
heres a link to the vita website which has a feeding schdeule if you need it


06-03-11, 04:48 PM
They're good nutes - you can maybe get better for specifics (coco, soil etc) but theyre among the best pure hydro nutes.
I'm using Vitalink coco at the moment and getting decent results.

Don't get conned too much into hype and nutes/additives expense.... most of the main brands are all good and as long as you have a PK boost when into flowering you'll be fine whatever you use from the main set of manufacturers.

06-03-11, 05:09 PM
a lot of coco growers are using canna coco with superior potash and headmasta and the reuslts are lets just say impressive

the only reason the combo works so well is cause of the base nutrient of canna coco is 5-5-4 mix that with superior potash 9/18 will give you the same ratios as canna aqua flores with pk13/14

coco works on exactly the same princeples as dwc where you have max amount of oxyegn around the roots the only differnce being is you have to hand water coco but with dwc you just set it and grow

im not slating vitalink it is deffo a good begginers nutrient but if you want maximum returns for your efforts then you do have to tweak vita some what

06-03-11, 06:55 PM
seymour do you feed buddy / pk 13/14/superior potash 9/18 all though flower then? building it up ? they all have the same pk ratios dont they? or close enough

regards G

06-03-11, 07:44 PM
you only use 1 of the pk boosters not all of them and no they all have different p/k values

vitalink bloom is a weak base nutrient and is a building block for tailoring specific recepies, buddy is a shit pk boost because it has low values

im saying replace buddy with pk13/14 or superior potash and get better results because your increasing the strength of you bloom feed with a more even ratio

you can build up the nutrient p/k feed over a longer period of time yes start at 5ml for 1 week then 7.5ml for week 2 etc untill you hit the max dosage which will depend on the size of your res, this way there is less chance of you missing the all important stage when the plants crave more p/k, if you only use p/k for 1 week and you get the wrong week then it was a waste of time using p/k lol

every bit of info you need is in this thread, read the whole thread and then read it again and again you will see that their is some valuable info in here but you gotta understand the impotantce of each single nutirent i.e n-p-k and why its important to your plants once you have grasped that you will see how you can tailor different formulas to suit your needs and by tweaking certain base nutes you can get bigger results :)

hope this helps

06-03-11, 10:54 PM
ok one more question though isnt buddy with is pk 3.6/6 almost same as superior potash pk/ 9/18 it the same ratio isnt it? as a % of a given amount i guess its not its only half as stronge ? i see the hesie pk/13/14 it says 9+7 doesnt it?it confusing lol is not the same i couldnt edit my last post to remove it
yes ive read loads but theres a lot of conflicting info online

thanks for you help and icon as well it enjoyable learning about it all ive been bitten by the bug for sure

kind regards G-Man