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21-02-12, 05:54 AM
3 part ultra stealth cfl grow opp
okay so my plants are going to be in 3 main sections of my room.
1) veg section
2) flowering section
3) curing section.
Section one, the veg room
the veg room will be in the space under to the left of my desk, 51cm(L) X 38cm (W) X 61cm (H).
i will be using 6 (or 4) 42 watt cfl lights (daylight for blue) for this room, a total of 252 watts (or 168 watts). The plan is to use an adjusting shelve (wood board) to adjust the height of the lights. Plants will be in this section from the clone stage (or seed) until they are ready to be placed into the flowering stage. (8 weeks later)
There will be 3 (or 2) dollar store power bars plugged into one timer bar that will be outside of the grow room. The three dollar store power bars will be mounted upside down to the bottom of the piece of wood that will be used as a shelve. the each power bar holding 2 lights one at each end. Plants in this stage will be on a 20 hour lighting cycle.
I will be using a reflective aluminum sheet for car windshields held down with Velcro as the main entrance to this room. I will be using 3 80mm pc fans plugged into an external fan controller to regulate temperature and air flow. This is the veg room so I shouldn't need any carbon filters, right? Two of the fans will be mounted on the back blowing air out, with the third mounted on this side blowing fresh air in. Fans are speed controlled and plugged into wall on 24/7.

Plants will enter this section as clones, in containers used to hold nutrients filled water to get the routs started. Once the roots start they will be planted right away in small cups. (500ml) The plants will be in this section for 8 weeks. I do not want to, and cannot grow big plants. Plants have to stay within 20 inches tall. I will be transferring the plants into 1.5L pots after approximately 3 weeks for the rest of thier lives... and start the LST method of growing after the 4rth week.

After 8 weeks of veg i will take one small clone from each plant and restart the process.
Is this okay to do to a plant? take clone then put it right into flowering?

Section two, the flowering room
The flowering stage will be held in the slightly bigger grow space set up in the top part of my closet. 91cm(L) X 70cm (W) X 61cm(H) Plants will be in this grow room for as long as they take to complete their flowering process. (around 2 months) They will be removed upon harvest... (obviously)
I'm placing 1, 120mm fan set up sucking air through a homemade activated carbon filter and blowing out a hole beside the door of my closet. I will also be using another 120mm fan to placed on top of a cut out in the shelves to suck cool air from the closet into the grow room. Both fans will be plugged into a fan controller which will also be used in the 3rd section.
I will be using 8 (or 6) 23 watt cool white bulbs along with 2, 24 inch 15 watt t8 cool white fluorescent bulb. This giving off a total of 214 watts (or 168) the fluorescent 24 inch bulbs will be hung (in its fixture) to a rope and pulley system to adjust the height of lights. Power bars will be mounted on each side of the light fixture, 3 or 4 23watt cool white (red) cfl bulbs will be placed on each side. The light fixture will be plugged into a timer set on 12/12 lighting for flowering. This section will be sealed with a homemade door and i will tape the inside cracks to prevent light from escaping. I will continue to grow the plants using the LST method as long as i feel it is needed.

Section Three, the curing box
When the time for harvesting has come and flushing has been completed i will be saving the good trim (frosty trim) in a paper bag to be dried and throwing away the large fan leaves. Held by the stem the plant gets harvested branch by branch. When the bud has been properly trimmed it will be placed in my home made curing center.
This will be where the marijuana actually dries out and cures. (Hopefully) Using 2, 24 cases of beer as the main box, i will be making a trey system with slight air flow. Making small holes in one side of the box to allow air to rush in. (evenly place holes) on the opposite side of the box i will be placing a cone shape funnel leading to a fan which will be sucking air out of the box. Between all this i will have treys that will hold the weed as air slowly passes over. Both fans will be connected at a y connection with a fan and carbon filter set up at the third.

This is a simple and relatively cheap way to make your own super stealth super functional grow opp. This is my first grow and I will be slowly setting this up piece by piece because stealth is the most important factor for me right now. This system (when complete) should produce a harvest of 5 plants, 20 inches tall, and every 2 months. My germination has just finished and I have 2 plants that have sprouted the other 3 have recently been planted (should sprout within 24h)
So it looks like I will be growing 2 pineapple chunks, 2 amnesia lemons, and 1 violator Kush plants. Germinated 2 seeds of each these 5 were the ones that worked.

I will be using 20 20 20 fertilizer (for the veg section) dissolved in water, 3/4 of the recommended dose will be used to prevent roots burn. After 7 weeks of that i will be switching to 3/4 of my the fertilized water being 20 20 20 and 1/4 being 15 30 15 at the same 3/4 recommended dose. For the 8th week when the plants go into flowering i will be using half 20 20 20 fertilized water and half 15 30 15 fertilized water. and on the 9th week 3/4 15 30 15 and 1/4 20 20 20. and on the 10th week only using 15 30 15. Yes i will be weaning the plants off and on each fertilizer in order to reduce stress to the plants. Also becuase i have heard growers advise to give some extra N to the plants during flowering cuz they run out.
flushing will take place 5 days before approximate harvest time.

material required
6 or 8 23 watt cool white cfl bulbs
2 15 watt t8 cool white bulbs
24 inch t8 light fixture
6 or 4 42 watt blue cfl
rope and hoocks and pulleys for the light fixture
4 or 5 dollarstore powerbar extentions
14 bulb to powerbar adapters

2 120 mm silent pc fants
2 or 3 fan controlers
3 80 mm silent pc fans
as meny extention cords as needed
2 timer power bars
activated carbon
4 baskets for filter (2 small 2 large)
2 granny socks
aluminium tape
20 20 20 fertalizer
15 30 15 fertalizer
refillable spray bottles for watering

Once again this is my first grow, if anyone sees that i'm doing anything wrong please let me know. and im not using a mother plant because i am more restricted by plant numbers then by growing room.

21-02-12, 08:00 AM
Good luck.......

Master Poet
21-02-12, 08:09 AM
You dont have enough light there for 5 plants unless, that is, you intend to gorw bonsai plants.

21-02-12, 08:18 AM
Well i plan on keeping my plants un 18 inches.
And using 8 23 watts with 2 24 inch t8's isnt enough light for 5 plants?
I chose the plants strain violator kush becuase of how short its supposed to grow, but your saying that lighting is my issue? What should i do?

Master Poet
21-02-12, 08:21 AM
Well i plan on keeping my plants un 18 inches.
And using 8 23 watts with 2 24 inch t8's isnt enough light for 5 plants?
I chose the plants strain violator kush becuase of how short its supposed to grow, but your saying that lighting is my issue? What should i do?

Ummmmmmmm........Let me think........

Get more/better light?

21-02-12, 08:50 AM
Sorry, im just suprized that it wont be enough

Master Poet
21-02-12, 08:57 AM
Well lets put it like this.....

Some people just grow one or 2 plants, small ones, and use say a 250W CFL. I would say the max you should grow using that light is 3 small plants. Now, you say that you want to grow 5 plants, small ones, using the lights stated above.........

Do the maths.

I use a 600W HPS on 5-7 plants, ok so mine are full size and I have the right equipment and a tent. Go take a look in some of the other small grow diaries and see what other people are using and what results they are getting.