View Full Version : a few things

21-03-09, 07:19 AM

I have a few things I could do with some help with,

ok so we got black jack currently on week six of flowering and I just started flushing yesterday.

I got stuck for weed last saturday when some friends came to see me so in the end I harvested some from one of my two plants, could this do any damage and if so what do I need to look out for?

one of the tiny, tiny leaves coming out the top of the main cola is brown, at first glance it looks like the other brown hairs, I found one a couple days ago and took it off, should I do the same again and what is it?

should I forget about flushing and just harvest this one plant now?

I also have some new plants in there that I'm growing 12/12 from seed (it's making flushing, hmm interesting) now the pearlite on the surface of one of these plants has turned bright green, any ideas?

I really would appreciate any help, I don't wanna fuck it up now