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Thread: Build an ozone generator

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    Default Build an ozone generator

    I recently found a handy page on an American .org site that has posted up an explanation of how ozone works, and a brief set of instructions on how to make your own ozone generator! Which I thought was impressive, and very cheap to make. I hope that I haven't infringed any rules and or etiquette, I don't think so. I think it is something well worth sharing, and if it is of help to some, well that's great.
    So, with many thanks and appreciation to the originator...........

    How does ozone work?

    While ozone is very powerful, it has a very short life cycle. When it comes in contact with odors, bacteria, viruses, etc... the extra atom of oxygen destroys them completely by oxidation. In doing so, the extra atom of oxygen is destroyed and there is nothing left including odors, bacteria, etc... except for plain stable oxygen.

    How is ozone produced?

    There are two types of ozone production. The first one would be corona discharge which essentially is creating lightning and the second is ultra violet fluorescent tubes.
    Both forms are effective and personal preference and room size,

    Are the only deciding factors how long does ozone last?

    Ozone lasts at the very most thirty minutes. When there are a lot of pollutants in the air ozone, it will degrade at a very rapid rate and in some cases almost immediately.

    What is ozone?

    Ozone is sometimes called the "activated oxygen".

    It contains three atoms of oxygen rather than the two atoms we normally breathe.Ozone is the second most powerful sterilant in the world and its function is to destroy
    bacteria, viruses, and odors. Ozone occurs quite readily in nature, most often as a result of lightning strikes that occur during thunderstorms. In fact that fresh smell after
    a thunderstorm is actually the smell of ozone. Ozone is also created by waterfalls. However, we are probably most familiar with ozone from reading about the "ozone
    layer" that circles the planet above the earths atmosphere. Here the ozone is created by ultra-violet rays from the sun and subsequently helps to protect from the damaging
    ultra-violet radiation.

    Ozone generators are the most effective odor control devices available. Odor is caused by airborne pathogens which float freely and come in contact with our nasal passages. When generated ozone, or 0³ comes in contact with these pathogens one of the oxygen atoms detaches from the ozone molecule, attaching itself to the odor-causing pollutant. This process, in essence, inactivates the odor causing particles in the air, leaving clean, fresh smelling air. Growers report that a good ozone generator will completely eliminate airborne odors from the most pungent crops, but will not affect the dried bouquet of the flowers. There has been some debate over the safety of ozone and humans, however The EPA, USDA and OSHA have approved the use of ozone at concentrations of 0.1 Parts Per Million, for an exposure period of eight hours, without any side effects. Most home ozone generators produce less than .05 PPM, and exposure time is minimal. With this in mind, ozone generation is a safe and effective method of odor control.

    How to use Ozone
    While some growers place ozone generators outside the growing area in fear that ozone may damage plants, most choose to destroy the odor at the source. In contrast to popular belief, ozone actually benefits the overall health of the plant, and the human, by removing pollutants such as bacteria, fugus and mold from the air. Another benefit to marijuana is the creation of CO² (along with water and oxygen), when ozone comes into contact with formaldahyde (HCHO) Because ozone generation is a very potent method of odor removal, constant treatment is not necessary; Ozone generators are run off a timer, with a typical generation of 10 minutes on, every two hours.
    Ozone Generator Plans

    This is a very simple set up that anyone can put together in five minutes after getting the parts. It works as well as the expensive units costing $600 or more but it costs only about $20 or so. The ones I made cost nothing it just depends on how good you are at scrounging. A good source for the transformer is a shop that repairs or installs neon signs. You can usually pick up a used one for next to zip.

    Here are the plans:

    First you need a neon sign or similar
    transformer at about 6000v. You need a small glass jar and a larger jar that will hold the smaller one. The largerjar can be glass or plastic, I have successfully used a plastic cup for the larger jar but the smaller one should be glass. Lastly you need a small amount of aluminum foil and you may need a few short pieces of wire. The transformer can be as small as 3000v but the more the better up to a point. I use 7000v and that is plenty but you can use up to 15000v.

    Put a piece of aluminum foil inside the small jar at the bottom. Cover the outside bottom of the small jar with
    foil so that it covers the same area as the foil inside. You can cover the whole inside and outside of the jar, that may work better but just make sure the inner and outer foil layers do not touch or come too close. Put the smaller jar inside the larger one. Connect one high voltage lead to the foil inside and the other to the foil outside.

    The larger jar just insulates the whole thing. I would put the whole set up on a piece of wood or other insulator. Try not to cross the wires. The bare part of the wire must touch the foil. If the insulation on the wire makes it difficult or if the wires are too short, you may use some other wire to extend them. Be sure to keep the wires as short as possible you don't want to touch them they will give you a jolt.

    Turn it on, you'll hear a crackling noise and if its dark you'll see a blue glow. If deodorizer it also tends to kill mold and bacteria but will not harm your plants. I try not to breath a lot of it though its not supposed to be dangerous in small amounts.

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    I want to post follow up to the ozone generator DIY Actually I looked for an edit facility, but couldn't see one,?
    Anyway, re the transformers mentioned. I was a bit concerned with the power of these as quoted by the original writer, and I checked, and apparently these can be very dangerous. Hmmm, well, he/her in their script says, be careful, or one may "get a jolt!!" FB jolt if u ask me. Anyway, before anyone scampers off for a transformer, it might be better to look into the safety factors more, and any risks involved. OK.

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    I would have thought building your own ozone generator in general was dangerous especially with the voltages you are talking about.

    If you need an ozone generator, I would advise to buy one.

    I will normall try and build anything I need, but there are some areas that it's just not worth the hassle.

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    You can use an inverter from a PC cold cathode tube to create your voltage too & wont kill you if either (tingles abit though! - yup, found out the hard way ) - plans for this are available here

    Whilst a bit of fun to build, I agree with spliffing, if you need one buy one.... but if you just want to have a bit of fun, build one's mine -

    & corona discharge....

    “Without failure there is no achievement.” (John C Maxwell)

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