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Thread: Opening hydroponic store uk !!!!!

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    Default Opening hydroponic store uk !!!!!

    Hi I am currently thinking of opening a hydroponic store and would appreciate any tips or know how about the procedure of doing so I've tried Internet but nothing is clear enough any comment would be great cheers

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    Suppose its the same as opening any store, try more general searches.

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    First you need a good location and put your proposal to the council.
    You just can't open a shop selling stuff. And stock.....
    Start calling distributors asking for credit or sale/return.

    Check out the scrog

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    rent a largish storage building in an industrial estaste get a sign made phone line on remember its a business line you will need then you need stock start contacting suppliers and also find time to fill in required paper work to register to trade to the public and vat purposes

    start getting word about tell other grower mates but you cant be growing if your running a hydro shop to risky and only deal in cash only give a written receipt or download a free receipt template and print out loads

    get a website built if you can get an add in soft secrets or something youll have to do a load of research

    just something to think about m8

    EC goes up, PH goes down = Plants require less nutrients
    EC goes down, PH goes up = Plants require more nutrients
    EC stable, PH stable = Spot on

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    Like Alzy said... You may need a planning permission from the council. You can find out easily by getting in touch with them. Find yourself a commercial property to lease, it may already have the appropriate planning permission/licenses

    Of course large cash injection. You will need to put together a business plan if you want to apply for a business loan. Good luck though since 2008 banks have not been lending easily to small businesses. Hence "credit crunch"

    As stated above you will need to open accounts with your suppliers. They probably will not give you anything more than 500-1000 credit until you have established a relationship with them.

    Once you are up and running you will need to thing about marketing, overheads and general costs of running a business. The main thing with small businesses these days is keeping your head above water... If you have competition with other hydro shops you will need to forfeit your gross profit to increase turnover, especially if you want to take a market share of online sales from other hydro shops... In which case you will also need to thing about logistics for deliveries, warehouse storage, dispatch area, goods returns, etc etc...

    Good luck mate

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