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Thread: Howto mine PotCoin on Windows

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    No worries, the whole thread has been interesting to me.

    Hopefully I should be starting a new thread today on Nvidia GPU mining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymiss View Post
    I don't... "I would value it based on how much I wanted carrots compared to apples at the time of the trade."

    But what I would know is that if I took the token to the issuer (i.e. the carrot vendor) I would get exactly one carrot for it. Well, that's assuming that the issuer has been honest and not issued more tokens than they have carrots, of course.

    But all this is kind of irrelevant when talking about any real-world (or crypto) currency — They do not have a face value and they cannot be exchanged with any specific person for a specific amount of anything tangible. So, they are worth exactly what people are willing to trade for them.

    All this talk of 'tangible' worth (i.e. intrinsic value of whatever the currency is physically made of) is also fairly pointless, even for currencies backed or made of something like gold. What is gold 'worth' after all? Only whatever someone is willing to swap some for, surely?

    I'm good at what I do and luckily I can provide that to enough people outside my immediate vicinity in exchange for tokens which I can then swap for other things I want and need.

    I'm more than happy with this arrangement because it gives me greater access to the world, and because I would much rather do this than dig carrots or other vegetables.

    What do you do? How did you pay for the device you are using to access this forum? What about the network charges? And the electricity to power it? Were they all locally researched, designed and produced? Were all the parts created from minerals dug out of the ground nearby, and then smelted, purified and fabricated by members of the community? Does the upstream provider accept something other than money in exchange for providing access to their wires?

    Again... I thought not.

    You already have, unless you do not use any modern, real-world currency in any form, perhaps? They are all universally accepted tokens, after all.

    Nobody can guess the future, but even then any currency will be worth exactly what people are willing to trade for it.

    Perhaps, but repeatedly going over the same old thing without proposing any alternatives or solutions isn't especially helpful, is it?

    We (people generally) have discovered the problems with the current monetary system, and the idea of crypto was born out of that.

    Now, we're exploring crypto currencies generally and starting to find that there are other problems (such as the whole privacy thing).

    What we need is someone to suggest solutions, not keep pointing out the same old pothole over and over again

    [ETA: And trying to dismiss one of those problems by saying that "government can already intrude" isn't really a solution.]

    And I seriously doubt you'll find many converts to the "give up all your technology and any form of currency in return for locally-produced everything" idea. That's taking us back to the days of a village twenty miles away being a day's journey — One way.

    As I said before, I think governments should take control of their own money supplies and stop relying on the issuing banks. But I don't think it matters in the slightest what form a currency takes as long as it is impossible to forge or reproduce (or however such shenanigans might be carried out), and as long as transactions have as least as much privacy as they do now with real world systems and cash.

    Me, I want a currency of some sort, thank you, and I want to be able to exchange it with as many people as possible, please

    And I'd like it to be administered fairly and equitably, without concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.

    How we do that, I don't know, but getting rid of the issuing banks would be a good start for a real-world currency, and the current crop of cryptos are interesting, with the techniques being used showing promise for the future.

    For now, though, I'm going to continue using the coin of the realm because, well, I'd starve, freeze, and be cut of from so many good things in the world if I did otherwise
    But you assume its an interesting experiment that you cannot fully address, which goes against your notion of something only being worth what your willing to pay.
    Saying its pointless to discuss tangible currency just makes you go off again half cocked, everyone must eat (I explained this very simple term) so how will anyone be expected to be able to value the crypto against something tangible? Especially if it cannot be used to pay for anything tangible, thats like going to Asda and saying to the cashier you think your shopping in your basket or trolley is a fair trade for the monopoly money in your pocket because that is what YOUR willing to pay for it with (but others fail to see the same value in it you do).

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    Default Howto Nvidia GPU mine PotCoin on Windows

    This is my second post on mining crypto currencies, if your interested and have a PC with an Nvidia GPU Card this is a great starting point. Potcoin’s are like bitcoins but for the cannabis community. Once I get the time I will post up another tutorial on how to mine with an AMD card.

    This post is a bit of a plug for my own mining pool, but you're free to mine of another pool, the process is pretty much the same.

    Once broken down into individual parts the whole process is quite simple and should only take less than half an hour to start mining.
    The process can be broken down into the following stages:

    • Setup PotCoin Wallet: This is where you keep coins.
    • Create Mining Pool account: This is where you work with others to mine coins.
    • Install GPU Miner: This is the software you need to mine.
    • Mine: Start the application and watch the magic.

    Stage 1: Setup PotCoin Wallet

    Step 1. Go to , click download wallet, then Download Now and save to your PC.

    Step 2. Once Downloaded, launch the application and you should be presented with the PotCoin Setup Wizard.

    Step 3. Click Next and leave the Destination folder ( you can customize the destination if you like)

    Step 4. Click Install.

    Step 5. Once the package is installed click Next then and Finish

    Step 6. On launch you may get a firewall error, Click Allow access. (Only enable Public networks is you have to )

    Step 7. The PotCoin wallet is now running. It may show "No block source available" in the bottom left corner, give it 15 mins and it should connect to the network, if not check your firewall settings. Once you see "Synchronizing with network" in the bottom left you know you're good.

    Step 8. Click the Receive tab and write down your PotCoin address, this is your address to receive coins.

    Stage 2: Create Mining Pool account.

    There are multiple pools you can choose from but as I run a mining pool I might as well plug my own: , If you would like to use another the following steps will work with another pool.

    Step 1. Point your browser at []( and click on Sign Up in the Left hand Navigation Bar.

    Step 2. Complete the registration form, make sure you choose a good password that is unique to this poll, write down the PIN, as if you lose it you lose your coins!

    Step 3. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.

    Step 4. Login to your account and Click on Edit Account On the Left Hand Nav, enter your PIN and click unlock. This will create a confirmation email you will need to click.

    Step 5. Check your email and Click the email verification link, if you can't see the email check your spam folder.
    • Set your payment address ( the one you copied down when you created your wallet).
    • Set your Donation Percentage ( this helps keep the pool running).
    • Set your automatic payout threshold ( low to start with to see the funds come through).
    • Insert your pin again.
    • Click update account.

    Step 6. On the Left Hand Navigation bar click My Workers and enter a worker name and password (these can be anything you like).

    Step 7. Click Add New Worker and the page will refresh with your worker details, note both the worker login and worker password down. you will need both of these later.

    Stage 3: Install GPU Miner
    Before you install the GPU Mining Application you want to make sure you are running off the latest Nvidia drivers.

    Step 1. Go to the Cuda miner page on BitCoin talk and download the latest package.

    Step 2. Create a folder in C:/ called GPUminer.

    Step 3. Once Downloaded, unzip the file, go into to cduaminer-2014-02-28 then into x86 and drag the contents of the zip file into the GPUminer folder. By the time you're doing this the date of 2014-02-28 may have changed to a newer version, that's good news!)

    Step 4. Open up notepad and insert the following text, you want to replace the worker login and the worker password with the values you noted down earlier.
    cudaminer.exe -o stratum+tcp:// -u USERACCOUNT.WORKERUSER -p WORKERPASS

    Step5. Select File > Save as then save the file to c:/GPUminer/ as gpuminer.bat

    Stage 4: Mine

    Step 1. From the C:/GPUminer double click gpuminer.bat this will open a window. after a few minutes you should start seeing accepted transactions. All accepted transactions are good.

    Debugging: When you launch gpuminer.bat if you see the following error it means you need to update your Nvidia drivers:

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    Coooool.....not sure what anyone here would want potcoins for.....that's what cash is for

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    Quote Originally Posted by THCman428 View Post
    Coooool.....not sure what anyone here would want potcoins for.....that's what cash is for
    I was just wondering that too, what can I do with potcoins? I assume less than I can already do with bitcoin should I feel the need to use it?

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    I dont imagine that this will kick off due to being advertised on this site but depending on commitment, I can see potential in this. Don't think its for me though tbh

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    What are the returns like from a typical home PC.. and what is the exchange rate to £?

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    I merged your near duplicate threads.

    One is fair play, even though it's punting your own pool - we'll let that slide. But you don't need a seperate thread for every different setup you wish to make a tutorial for, especially if the bulk of the instructions are identical That's when it starts to look proper spammy.

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    I was just thinking that its getting spammy eggbox.

    You must be getting something out of it to want people to join you so badly no?

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    Thats why i said its a shite thread^^^^^^^*

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    Cool I'm in on Potcoins!

    I think potcoins will hold some real value in the cannabis industry. Sure, not anytime soon, but give it a couple of years. Bitcoin didn't start to show real value for 3 years. You don't necessarily need mining gear either. You can buy "Scrypt" mining contracts for on ebay. Join a pool, give the ebay miner your pool information and you don't even need the hardware. I'm on the Mintpal exchange and you can get really good deals on potcoin there. This is a gamble like most things in life. But, I'm willing to take it. Besides, the investment is still small right now. I have my wallet already. Good luck to all.

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    There are way, way to many other altcoins out there atm for any new ones to take off at the moment imo.

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    Surely buying into pot coins is a niche market, as you will only be able to spend them on weed related stuff (if they kick off that is). If you are going to have a flutter surely you would be better off going for mainstream ones? I'm interested in the whole bit coin thing, but I still can't get my head around any of it at all lmao

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