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Thread: Mrs Beefheart throws the disco biscuit

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    1 week later I've not touched them. ...all 6 are rooting away as I speak very soon the leaf tips will turn yellow and the stem will turn red slash pink....then they be ready for some sunshine 😂

    3 days I will open the bags slightly ween them on to fresh air......😆

    great googly moogly. ...

    “If your opponent is of choleric temper, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant.”

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    Gotta love arts and crafts 😊

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Beefheart View Post
    Rite o's a faultless cutting rooting process.

    1. Get mum and all the stuff ready.

    2. Drink a double vodka and coke.

    3. I take off the leaf next to a node,plus growing shoot,if the shoot stays there it don't matter,I do this when the cuttings still on the mum.

    4. Take the cutts using a clean blade and dip them straight into tepid water straight away. ....thus is very important otherwise there's a big chance of airlock in the stem,the cutting will die if this is not followed !!!! Take cutts then instantly into water no wasting time !!!

    I've taken 6 I only want 4 the others will go to a good home 😆
    5. Make sure ewe poke them under like trying to drown them as they need to be wet.

    Take out 1 at a time then quater inch below the node cut stem at 45 degree with sharp clean blade.....then re dip it into water....always remember airlock! !!!

    6. After re dip into water remove the wet cutting !!! Then dip the fuka onto clonex mine's 6 years old still working great 😂

    7. By now your pots of dirt or whatever you like to use should be waiting to receive the cutting...after a good old wogg of clonex is on the stem.

    8. Make a hole in the dirt ready then carefully poke the stem into hole,applying slight pressure to secure it in.

    9. I final misting with sprayer them bag each 1 or use a prop, don't secure the bags leave a little hole for some air to get in.....humidity ewe want around 80....90....% I fold the bottom of the bag not zip it up 👌

    10. Place the plants under a timid cfl I use household 1 .....10 watt it's on constant never turn it off,12 days time I'll have 6 new plants ready for the off 😆 i will know within 24 hours if they all will make it, though I know they will but REMEMBER !!!! After a few days they might need the bags opening a tad more if ewe see any mold appear let more air in.....don't water unless they dry out which is very doubtful 😆

    11. Then give them a nice cwtch in to gwelly 😂😂😂

    If I missed anything it's because I'm fukin twatted yuh 😂

    P. S I'll see ya on the beach 😎

    great googly moogly. ...
    Lovely Info Captain! Thank you very much.

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