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Thread: Redz Builds a Living Soil !!!

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    Hey T,
    So are you trying to make a GROW and BLOOM hence the higher n or p&k?
    I feed differently in the worm bin to enhance different microbial acvtivies i.e. More fungal more bacterial but haven't thought about going for npk's, I did make 4 liquid fertiliser's I tell ya what I made
    Rainbow trout
    Stinging nettle
    I might try them on the next auto that's going in the earthbox that's had a top dress the normal kelp/neem/mbp and that's up and running now and the seeds planted

    As my plan for any type of fertilising is all through a top dress of castings for now till I can make compost anyway onto the worm bin lol
    Well here's the top tray hardly worked at all that's a little fresh compost from top dressing over it

    Then there's these two that are not far off realy

    And here's what they look like roughly

    This one is lovely solid castings my gold dust right there

    Now the fun part
    I got that all out

    SOLID with worms
    I got the sieve out

    No go they come through as quick as the castings
    Next I tried to put a light above cones/piles hoping they would move inward and downward but no

    That didn't work so I thought fuck it I got this biodegradable bag put some mushroom compost mixed with a little malted Barley flour neem cake and kelp mixed in and some news paper and put a banana peel in one corner

    Then I through the castings on top and covered it.
    I'm hoping they go down and migrate over toward the banana peel over the next week then I'll tip the box on its side pull out the old bag and it should pull out flat and a big percentage of worms will be near the banana peel, well that's what I hope and if I'm honest what I can separate then I will the rest I'll just top dress with the castings there's such a massive amount of worms it don't matter I'm even finding them and baby's In my little 1 litre pots lol.
    The Black Russian is doing well she'll be ready for putting in the bed soon then I'll top her a couple times before the screen and find her a place up top it's just filling up so quick lol I've had to take pictures every time I've gone to right this because they grow so much by the time I post it.
    Here's the Black Russian

    One of the shacks is finding it rough but my humidity is killing me and my hr15 keeps stopping and just blows air, I only changed the float and valve a little while ago so I'm not sure but the. Tubing all seems ok from the water butt.

    I'm sure she'll be fine soon enough
    Gonna put my final soil mix up in here soon so I can wrap this diary up too

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