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Thread: Yellowing in auto pots

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    Default Yellowing in auto pots

    Lemon Haze 9weeker, now week 5 of flower.
    25ltr autopots, 60/40 medium, full house and garden range, good temps, ec, ph, humidity etc.
    Each grow in autopots, me and friends are always having yellowing issues. Didn't used to get it in NFT system.
    Always get this yellowing that spreads throughout the plant, used to grow cheese and I'd get similar issues. Gets to the stage where leaves shrivel and fall off.
    Doesn't appear to start right at the bottom, seems sporadic
    It's just started again now, I know some yellowing at end of flower is normal, but this always seems to start week 3/4/5.
    Any ideas of what is happening please guys?


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    I would suggest that as the needs of the plants evolve during the flower stage the nutrients they are getting during those early flower weeks are not providing all that is needed. Often folks add an extra veg feed during the first few weeks of the stretch. This is because the stretch will require additional N that is highest in the Veg feed.

    But as I can not actually see what is going on in those images, would it be possible to take a photo with the lights off, and then folks might be able to provide a more focused and precise solution.
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