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Thread: Please help, what is this??

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    Default Please help, what is this??

    Hi guys first post for over a year whilst I honed my skills, all except one?.
    Every time I grow white widow I have issues!! Right I'm growing in plant magic soil with ionic nutrients,
    This started in week 4 veg now had 4 weeks in flower and it's getting worse! Please refer to pics!,
    Question 1 do I need to adjust my ph levels I'm feeding!? It's 6.5 with an e.c of 1.5-1.7?
    I tested my runoff and ph is 5.2-5.6??? And e.c is up to 2.0-2.2?? Do I need to up my ph nute solution going in to make run off higher?
    The leaves started at bottom with yellowing, I went away for a week came back they hah turn up at end gone to brown and crispy and just to touch they would fall off, even at the very top bud leaves, my bud formation has been compromised thoroughly, yield will be down 75% t least, I given up with them just seeing what happens, and for info so it doesn't happen again!!
    It is def not nute burn, I was thing cal mag but supplemented with this to no availimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    That looks like a nute burn to me. And very heavy nute burn by the looks of it. Then they locked the nutrient uptake and started lacking nutrients ... needs good flushing and low feed after.

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    Don't adjust ph at all.. Flush through with water straight from tap, 3x the size of pot, so if pots are say 11 litres, then feed 30+ litres through rach plant then feed straight after with half strength feed & Then Take it from there..The plants will continue to look crap, but at least they'll start feeding properly & produce a bit of bud..

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    Cheers bud, wasn't sure though as this is how it started, all my nute burn previous started with tips?
    See what you reckon, was still wondering about mag due to yellowing between veins and rust spots?

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    seems like magnesium def.

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    i had this with plant magic soil on one of my grows a couple of yrs ago sure it's the area i'm in with crap water but dolomite lime and worm castings sorted it out next time.

    i'll see if i can find a picture of it for you

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