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Thread: I need help with my seedlings!

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    Default I need help with my seedlings!

    hi all i am new to this website and i signed up because i am in desperate need of help with my 2 week old plants

    i am growing in canna coco and this is my first time growing, i used a 600w dual spectrum HPS from seed, i germinated in jiffy pellets and transplanted them to 1 gallon pots of coco when roots were showing. the temps are 26 degrees at the tip of the leaf and i feed them with canna coco A and B at 300 ppm every other day.

    now the problem i have is today i saw that one of the leaves on one of the plants have wilted massively and there are light brown / yellow blotches in the vain area on the leaf

    where am i going wrong here i have pics showing the prom=blem any help is greatly appreciated.

    (edit) the humidity is kind of a problem atm the lowest its ranging fro 35-40 im trying to bring it up but limited budget ect means its hard

    IMG_2494.jpg IMG_2514.jpg
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    Hope alls well mate I think everything looks good when I started off some seeds before I got some water on 1 of the leafs just like that and it burnt a lil probably just the same

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    Hi there mate I'm not an expert but I'll try add my 2 pence, although I'm not a coco grower it looks like you may have a slight claw to the tip which may be your reason slightly to much feed 2. Get your light abit closer mate as the stem looks a tad strectched, if your humidity that low spray the inside of your tent with water or get something big enough and see through to pop over the top of plants make sure you spray though that will help keep humidity up for time being

    Atb mate
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