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Thread: Ingesting THC Vape oil?

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    Question Ingesting THC Vape oil?


    I have a couple of different vape carts, a 70% and a 90%. The 70 is great, barely any taste/smell and almost no cough. The problem is, the 90% tastes horrible so I started to wonder. Could I open the cart, use an eyedropper or something and put a drop or 2 at a time into some food or candy? Can it be directly eaten like that? I would hate to see it go to waste.

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    im pretty sure you can as it will be human friendly e.g food grade VG (vegetable glycerine) and food grade PG (propylene glycerol)

    i made some months ago doing the stew it for hours method .it turned out rank so i just swallowed it lol. now advanced to the making my own concentrate(oil) and then mixing it with either PG only or theres stuff out there purely for concentrates like Ej mix and dbmix pro .

    theres a post kicking about by samwise gamgee on how to make your own vape stuff

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    Probably better for you to eat it than to inhale the food dyes they add to vape oils.

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