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Thread: Legal cannabis linked to 66% rise in traffic deaths in Colorado

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    Default Legal cannabis linked to 66% rise in traffic deaths in Colorado

    The legalization of cannabis in Colorado has been followed by an explosion in numbers of road traffic deaths, hospital emergencies and crime, a US drugs agency report said.

    It also said that the state – viewed as a test-bed for the drug's decriminalization – has become a base for illegal shipments of it to the rest of the United States.

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    There are so many people using cannabis in CO now it can be "linked" to almost anything here. Whether or not there is any real science behind all the fake news stories still pushing the prohibitionist's agenda is quite another matter altogether. The last real study on the topic I saw showed cannabis use can actually IMPROVE driving performance in some cases.

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    your better off leaving the science out of the real world a lot of the time acewiza

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