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Thread: 'Free pass' for cannabis growers:

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    Default 'Free pass' for cannabis growers:

    Criminals caught producing the drug in vast quantities are now routinely let off with a police caution

    • Criminals growing cannabis worth tens of thousands are just getting cautioned
    • One force discovered 194 cannabis farms but brought charges against 79 people
    • One grower of 150 cannabis plants in Sunderland managed to escape sanction

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    Thanks, but with all due respect I believe who they know is a bigger deal than how many they grow.

    It wasn't that long ago when a woman was done for 4 plants.
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    more complete lies from the daily fail,just to build up a furore against future attempts at legalising.

    i havent seen any big commercial grows get "let off",theres often reports of busts followed by jail time so dailyfail are obviously just making shit up as they usually do.

    there should be a ban on putting up any "information" supplied by the king of fake news aka the daily fail .

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    It all depends on the situation previous convictions etc. And the reason for growing. The main thing is evidence of money or producing with intent to make money etc.

    Then its how good the setup. What police force your under and so on. Theres too many variables.

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    Default 'Free pass' for cannabis growers:

    Bottom line is, regardless of the size of grow and amount of plants, if you have scales, baggies or a chucky list then you'll get done. That's universal.

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