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Thread: Help choosing strains

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    Default Help choosing strains

    So i have limited experience growing. I've previously grown 2 autos (auto mazar blueberry) in soil under cfls with limited success. Managed 30g off each. Quality was ok at harvest but managed to fuck up the curing both times. Once too quick the second time too slow.

    So now I'm ditching the domestic cfls and getting a hlg300 led system. I still intend to soil grow as I feel it will be more forgiving of my rookie mistakes. Also ditching autos and going photo period.

    Next step is strain selection. I'm going for 3 plants in my 800 sq tent. I have a pretty high tolerance as I don't really do t breaks. I take partly for medicine for insomnia and partly recreational.

    Especially looking for a strain that will give that euphoric feeling, giggles and appetite that I don't seem to get any longer from the crappy nameless street weed that you get here.

    Any suggestions from you knowledgeable folks?

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    euphoric/up high is almost always a sativa - indica is more body high, feeling sluggish and can't be assed moving,

    if it was me id go, Sour diesel or Amnesia Haze, even nl#5xhaze, since i have grown them and can say they had that all-in-the-head-high
    tbh mate there's 1000's you could pick from, but that's 3 anyway lol

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