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Thread: New coco grower...long time out of the game!

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    Default New coco grower...long time out of the game!

    Hi all,

    It must be some 10 years since I was messing around with hydro grows, so long that i forgot my username for this place lol i quit the bud soon after that but now im back and instantly sick of the crappy stuff available.

    So, i found myself a nice little 1.1 (h) x 0.75 (w) x 1.9 (l) enclosed space and thought, ah why not! Since im low on height ill be going for a scrog, and looking for a strain that suits my space.

    Ive been donated some bits and pieces to help me get started:

    250w CFL (dual spectrum)
    50w t5 light
    Rhino pro filter
    TT150 adjustable and temp controlled fan (552 m3/h)
    a smaller TT fan (not looked at that yet)
    5 litres canna coco A
    5 litres canna coco B
    2 x 400w metal halides

    Since this is my first coco grow im spending every spare moment researching but im bound to do things wrong, its in my nature to learn by mistakes so thought I would come back here to try to minimise these fck ups

    So the plan is just 2 plants in my modest space, scrog them under a 600w HPS. Ill be going from seed to I really need to re-learn how to take care of the babies once they sprout (already tried and failed over the last couple of weeks, too eager to get going and wasnt ready in terms of time or setup!). Tempted to use the MH light for veging but they are not grow lights, more like what you would see on the roof of a factory in 1980, so it doesnt fill me with confidence.

    Shopping list i have so far:

    600w HPS light (maybe 2x 400w? Not sure what to do here yet)
    The usual things like pots, coco, hygrometer, timer.
    lightproof sheeting to line the insides of the space.
    small heater, maybe greenhouse tube type heaters. ever....

    1. Should I use the TT150 for extract? Or since its temp controlled should I use it for intake and buy a Ruck/RVK for extract?
    2. Is it worth me continuing down the cana coco nutes route since i already have 5 liters of A and B? Or are there better options which would out-weigh the freebie?
    3. Any recommendations on a high THC strain for the low height space I have? Im guessing a heavy indica based strain would be more suitable. Im liking the sound of Gelato but its only slightly indica dominant.
    4. Any recommended grow diaries I should spend hours reading and re-reading?

    Thanks in advance all

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    Check out Macky, Joker, Bud Lightyear, There plenty you can learn, just look up Coco Diary's.

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    hmmm height is not good there, heat will be an issue from the lights even with a scrog.... Have you considered CMH/CMD lights? youd want 2 315w, they're expensive, but they're the shit! That'll be good for your set up if you can spare the doe for the initial setup.

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    A&b will be sweet mate I've done 3 succesfull soil grows now I'm starting a coco grow for the first time already fucked up giving it 6.2 pH should be 5.8-6 ideally. I'm growing big Buddha cheese ATM and its 100% indica maybe u could go with that?

    Best place to probably get advice is starting a diary up mate.


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