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Thread: My lady is please.

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    Default My lady is please.

    Hi all

    1st time grower here.
    Strain is Northern Lights, growing outdoors UK, last week noticed some white spots on the leaves, now it seems getting worst.
    Anyone could please help to identify the problem and recommend any actions?
    Thanks in advance
    Stay blessed
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    Have a butchers for bugs under the leaves or in this crazy heat have you been spraying the plant with owt?
    Plenty of outdoor growers will probably put you right
    Atb matey

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    Looks like spider mites to me mate. They have tiny mouths, and each bite they take punctures one cell in the leaf. Look on the under side of the leaves for them .They look like greenfly, except about 10 times smaller. Tiny tiny little greeny-white guys crawling along.

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