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Thread: White spots, 7day old plants

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    Default White spots, 7day old plants

    So I checked my babies today and have now noticed 2 of them have tiny white spots on their leaves, this has happened since yesterday. Also on one plant I noticed 2 full stop sized white bugs on a leaf (typically they have now vanished so I can't get a pic) are these spidermites?

    I used the infirmary template below.

    Does this seem like a deficiency or infestation, and what can I do?

    First time growing, they are destined to be planted outside in my guerrilla spot if that makes a difference?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help

    Soil or hydro or coco: Soil

    Strain: Fastbuds C4, MOC Autopilot XXL

    Photo or Auto: Auto

    plant age: 7 days from sprout

    pot size: 5"/127mm sorry don't know the litre capacity

    has it been repotted? and when?: Nope

    soil type: Westland MP w/john innes

    nutes or additives used and how often for soil: nope

    Air temps (max min): ? They are outside during the day then windowsill in the evening

    Res temps (max min): n/a

    humidity: ?

    lighting type and wattage (hps, led, cfl): Sun

    Light schedule: Sun

    ph level: never checked (bad I know)

    EC (hydro and coco only)

    Background EC.

    feed schedule and nutes (for hydro and coco) none as I thought they were good in soil for a few weeks.

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