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Thread: derlight 600w LED full spectrum

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    Default derlight 600w LED full spectrum

    has anyone else used the Derlight 600w grow light?
    i have yet to find any reviews or mention of it being used for growing other than its amazon reviews

    does anyone know what if any feedback there is on this out there

    i ask because i grabbed it during the prime day sale for a bargain price along with a black orchid tent and black orchid carbon filter and fan kit the whole lot with ratchets etc came to less than 200

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    My last 300w LED panel, 2nd hand, cost 200.... Just sayin'.....
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    Not heard of them but as M_C says sounds a bit cheap for everyrhing. Wouldn't touch black orchid ( used to be Buddy) filters, my one leaked smells at week 4 of veg !


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