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Thread: Autoflowering not flowering!

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    Default Autoflowering not flowering!

    Hey this is my first post here, thanks for reading. I'm in the UK and have been growing an autoflowering og kush outdoors, potted, since may 1st (88 days ago) and it has been growing really quickly but not flowering, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong or if its just slow? I was growing two and the other one has been harvested already. The plant is starting to look really sad, drooping, darker green and some leaves are dying off. What do you recommend?


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    From what you say, treat it as a photoperiod
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    You SURE it's an auto?

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    As it's outside, can you keep it going? I ask because if you brought that inside, who knows what else you'd be bringing indoors, by that, I mean any parasitic bugs. If you can keep it going, after the Autumn Equinox as the day light hours go under 12/12 the plant will have no choice but flower, unless it keels over, or the weather gets it first, or bugs or whatever.

    Perhaps it's worth taking a few cuttings and grow those indoors.

    Out of interest has it shown sex at all? I guess one of the last things anyone would want is a long flowering male hemp plant that got mixed up with the Kush... Just my 2 cents.
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