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Thread: Precipitation/fallout of nutrient mix?

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    Default Precipitation/fallout of nutrient mix?


    I have read on every nutrient/additive bottle I have that the different product should never be mixed undiluted but I wonder about something.
    It might be relevant to say that I have high-functioning autism which can make a procedure such as mixing several nutrient product properly a very time consuming and energy demanding task and I wonder about if I can always see precipitation/fallout?

    I am using these products(not all the same time obviously):
    • Bio Canna range(Bio Vega, Bio Rhizotonic, Bio Flores & Bio Boost).
    • Plant Magic Magne+Cal+(instead of Canna Calmag Agent).
    • Plant Magic Bio-silicon.
    • Plant Magic Organic PK 4-8.
    • Humic acid.
    • Growth Technology Nitrozyme.
    • Dutch Master Saturator Gold.

    One thing I have noticed is how badly Bio-silicon reacts with Magne-cal+, if undiluted Bio-silicon comes into contact with undiluted Magne-cal+ the Bio-silicon solidified into a hard substance which cannot be dissolved into water.

    But if I would use small shoot glasses and took my nutrients and experimented with adding them together undiluted, would it be visible if any combination created precipitation/fallout?

    What I am hoping for is that maybe I can work out which nutrients I may put into the water without stirring thoroughly in between each nutrient.

    Lets assume I had taken 5 shoot glasses and in each mixed 2 nutrient products and stirred enough to mix them together, and then inspect the solution to the best of my ability, pouring it onto some transparent surface to see it with much light passing through, then diluting the mix with water until it is almost not visible that there is anything more than water in the glass, is it possible that I could do that without seeing anything that I don't see in a well and properly mixed nutrient solution while precipitation has actually happened?

    Kind regards

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    Most of these nutes really need to infuse fully before adding the next
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    Mixing nutrients in a concentrated form will certainly cause a chemical reaction. They need a water base to form together without element precipitation.

    You'll notice this more with the cal mag and silicone additive as calcium and a liquid silicone dont sit together to well. Even when added to water. The calcium seperates from the liquid.

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    I love a science lesson In concentrated form the elements molecules bind and become larger molecules which then become insoluble...You can leave the Magne-cal out of your solution altogether, use it as a foliar feed. When mixing your feed solution always add them one component at a time and let them fully dissolve before adding the next one, if your using silicone always add that first...Since you are using organic nutes you want to mix them into degassed water around 1 hour before use. Organic nute solution does not like to be left sitting around it starts to ferment. Keep oxygenated with a air-stone for no longer than 24hrs but like i said mix 1 hour before administration for best results..Do not adjust the pH.

    Regards BL

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    I'm experiencing the exact same thing at the min... I'm using shogun cal mag and buddhas solar green power silicon and they must not sit well together because the bottom of my Wilma is white

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