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Thread: Help! Sick plant.

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    Default Help! Sick plant.

    Hey there I was wondering if someone could help me diagnose the issue with my seedling. I'm a first time grower so by no means an expert. I've noticed discoloration in my leaves (white and brown marks), I've also noticed the newest leaves are curling severely downwards. I seriously cannot figure out the issue with these, is it thrips? Over watering? Too much heat? I have them under a 600W HPS at a distance of about a meter, I water them once every 2 days with roughly 250mls of water and have them on a 20-4 light cycle.

    Any info to fix these lil guy would be greatly appreciated. She's a BlueHaze feminized seed btw, about 14 days old.
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    Looks like the soil is a little hot for her and, at a guess, you've left water on her leafs when watering...

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    No perlite in there = no soil aeration and look overwatered galore . Id pin all tbis down to that .

    Repot that up with quality peat and compost 50/50 that looks like tree bark mix wich can be even more acidic then peat moss . And add some perlite in there 20-25%. them roots need air .

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