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Thread: Yellow Tips of Leaves - Nutrient Burn?

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    Default Yellow Tips of Leaves - Nutrient Burn?

    I am on day 37 (including germination) of Critical Jack Auto. I have potted in BioBizz Allmix and am feeding daily with a solution of BIOBLOOM 1ML / L and CALMAG 0.5ML / L. Today I noted yellow tips on the topmost leaves.

    I started feeding on 16th October (about 28 days into grow). Am I overfeeding? All advice gratefully received. ph meter shows ph as normal. Temp is 24 - 26c. No visible pests.

    I have a few yellowing and browning flowers at the base of my oldest plant but I figured this was because the plant is in flower.

    All help appreciated!

    warm regards

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    Could of a little bit.

    With all mix, it should have enough feed for 28 days, maybe a touch more.

    Just plain water the next time, see how she does

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    for sure nute burn plant looks healthy still so i would just water a few times maybe a touch of extra water for abit more run off and then feed again with a little less dose!

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    One thing Ive noticed with all the auto's Ive grown is that the bottom leaves tend to always go yellow,even in veg which then makes you think they need more nitrogen so you feed them and then get nute burn on the tips.(I also always get cal-mag def problems around 3-4weeks but some cal-mag solution puts that right.) Generally i'll feed every other watering and only water them every 2-3 days depending how thirsty the plant is,ie, day 1 water, day 2 nothing, day 3 feed with water, day 4 nothing, day 5 water etc. all depends on the plant

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