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Thread: Re potting autos half way through cycle

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    Default Re potting autos half way through cycle

    As above, has anyone any experience of re potting at the 35/40 day stage.

    These are growing well but they are only in small pots... now well into flower, feeds have now slowed down as expected.
    Has anyone any experience of re potting so late in life?

    Oh and they are in coco


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    I wouldn't do it, I would rather water/feed them more often

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    Ive had to do it mid flower due to massive rootbound issues with Sour Alien Livers . And still pulled 6 oz off one and 4-5 on avg off the others .

    With autos in organic soil . I would recommend 6 +gallon pots with large strains to avoid rootbound . But all strains are different some your can get away with 3 gals and my last ones Grapefruit Haze autos . I barely made it in 7 gals . So itz a toss up

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