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Thread: Overfed and very hungry

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    Default Overfed and very hungry

    4 Jack Herer in DWC 12 Liter buckets and12 liter resivor.

    On day 33 of veg topped on day 22
    Feeding with GH Flora trio. Calmag and silicone.
    Base water EC is 0

    Last week had EC of 0.9 and leaves clawed a wee bit swapped in some plain water pulled EC to 0.7
    EC Dropped to 0.2 over 4 days

    Resivor change Wednesday night
    Set EC 0.7 but by Friday night it's dropped to 0.4 ph falling sharply also

    Drank about 10 litres in 48 hours also.

    Is the volume of my system about 50 to 60 litres the problem with stability of ph?

    Or is it a hungry phase and I just need to ride it out?

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    Default Overfed and very hungry

    If the ec of the res is dropping as well as the water level, she is eating more than she drinks. Raise the ec a little. You want it to stay sort of balanced, as the water level drop because it been drank, the ec should still stay about level, it takes some fine tuning, but you’ll be fine once you find it.

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