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Thread: My friend needs advice pt 2 what you guys think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herbitual View Post
    Can I ask the OP to just type as if it's him to lower my blood pressure? an itch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Priapus View Post
    If that is an auto and it's over a month old, theres something very wrong. Autos should be finished growing in about 10-11 weeks.

    Never put autos on 12/12. They need as much light as they can get-they only have a limited time to grow
    IMG_20181130_082216.jpg IMG_20181130_082330.jpgIMG_20181130_082240.jpgIMG_20181130_082341.jpgIMG_20181130_082428.jpg

    Hey priapus its been couple days and have been on 20/4 light, no water and fan and the plant is still dark colour if not more so now and all leaves are starting fold droop inwards its starting get little upsetting please help

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