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Thread: Do you have a favourite grinder?

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    Macky Guest


    I’m a picker, have many grinders, never use them. I like to pick the stems n shit out, also, grinders grind my shit too fine, I prefer picking my weed

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    I got myself a medium space case and it’s pretty good, picked it up at £20 of flea bay...

    Only thing I hate is the kief scraper is a bloody triangle and makes itsooooo hard to scoop it up 😂😂

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    Haven't smoked for a long time now but I always enjoyed picking my weed apart. If I did grind I used the first grinder I ever bought, from my first trip to the dam 16yrs ago. Its no good for sticky weed though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wags View Post
    I bought a crystal twist grinder about 15 years ago and it's still going strong. Still catches kief very well. I bought another one about 5 years ago and used it a few times before giving it away, it's shite even tho it's the same make? .
    It was 30 quid at the time and is probably one of my best ever investments haha

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    I've got one of those. Wish it was a big bigger tho. Now days I use plastic ones till they stick and squeak. Then try and scrape out was gummy bits into joints.

    How long does it take for you to collect any decent amount through the mesh? I've never found there to be much worth getting excited about.

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