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Thread: Jaffas 2nd go upgraded from 1x1 room to 2 X 2 tent ?

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    For fuck sakes 14 plants wake the fuck up ppl
    At least make an effort to hide em jesus murphy you cant fix stupid now can ya .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trex View Post
    14 plants ...
    That explains it. I was wondering how do people get banned so quickly?

    I mean a 1x1 tent is sizeable but 2x2 is a 4x expansion in size, you could fit a few people in there to smoke and still have some space for the plants. Some "box rooms" for rent are about that size.

    Man, imagine a 9-plant scrog in a space like that!!

    But we'd be talking about quite a few kilowatts of power all in one go, and that's a lot of leccy, and more heat than I am interested in dealing with.
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    Will the ,roughly, 700 real watts shown flower 115 square feet?

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