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Thread: Tell me about your favourite smokes.

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    Default Tell me about your favourite smokes.

    Looking to purchase some new seeds, the amount of new breeders out there is bewildering. I don't even know where to start looking as I am so out of touch with the game..

    Let me know the seed providers who you have had something special from lately, you know a proper keeper. Which breeders should I be looking at?

    Whether it be flavour, power, smell, aesthetics, cost, yield, let me know what strain has really done it for you lately?

    I have grow out lots of different strains in the past so looking for some really nice genetics, as you will know only 1 in 20 will be worth remembering and I don't want to be wasting my time on expensive seeds bearing average genetics. Lots of new breeders I have never even heard of promising things they possibly cant deliver. Although all of the blurbs sound appealing lol.

    I used to rock a lot of Paradises strains, some proper knock out gear in there but I have grown most of them now. Belladonna, Delahaze, Original IBL WW, Nebula, Ice Cream, had a keeper pheno from each. Would blow the head off even the most hardcore smokers.

    Had some nice strains from Nirvana, Papaya and Bubblegum absolutley epic phenos. Knock out haze and a proper pink chewing gum pheno. I know they have a bad reputation but years back they had some lovely gear.

    Had really nice strains from Barneys, GHS, Feminised seeds too.

    Just lots and lots of new breeders I have never heard of and I dont know who is providing the creamiest creams these days.

    Thank you.

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    Can't say I have grown that many but I know which ones I will avoid!

    Red Russian Auto XXL by Victory Seeds. Mine was a lanky twig.

    CBD Super Critical Bud by Garden of Green. Supposedly a CBD strain crossed with Sensi's Ed Rosenthal Super Bud. I don't always have successful germinations but for this plant only 1 in 3 popped, and the plant is a sickly small thing. May be I just got a dud seed, but other plants are going fine under the same conditions.

    Aurora Indica by Nirvana. Mine makes bonsais look big. Again, may be it's just a dud seed.

    Big Nugs Fast by Seedsman. Mine was neither big nor fast. Again, may be it's just another dud seeds.

    What I am sticking to:

    Alien v Triangle by Mephisto. Powerful effects, distinct smell.

    Mama Thai by Seedsman. Not too stretchy, good heady effects, minimal "weed" smell.

    Bubba Kush. Very psychedelic.

    What is undecided:

    Amnesia Fast, by Seedsman. *STINKS* dangerously, reeks of *WEED*, ripens dead on at 58 days, minimal (too little) stretch, moderate yield.
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    Havnt grown many either, but my fav so far is Auto Brooklyn Sunrise. Amazingly uplifting high. No foggy thoughts or paranoia or anything, and i am prone to that a lot. Great for the morning.

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