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Thread: Temps Ebbing & Flowing ????

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    Lightbulb Temps Ebbing & Flowing ????

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    I’m running a single 1000watter in a 1.2x1.2 tent.

    It’s a sealed room setup and I’ve got an inline hood extracting from outside the tent straight through back to outside, the tent and AC for when it peaks.

    Only problem, I’m aiming for 23 degrees, but the lights keep very slowly dragging it up and so my AC is on and off like a yoyo - Making the temps bounce from23 to 26 every 15/20 minutes and no doubt my electricity bill bounce up too.

    Can anyone suggest a good solution?

    Should I just give in and aim to run the tent at a higher temp (with CO2 added), or buy a bigger hood fan.

    P.S If the hood fan is big enough, can you get close to zero heat off the lamp?

    Thanks a trillion

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    I’d leave it to run at 26 mate I think it’s a better temp anyway tbh even 27 would be bless and imho!
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