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Thread: I think my plants are going to survive

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    Default I think my plants are going to survive

    Hi guys heres ur begginner noob grower update, 3 days ago I torn off about 30 to 40% of the roots of both this autos while transplanting (big mistake, they shouldn't even transplanted at all I learned this after crying here for help)

    Anyways.. Heres an update 3 days later they are showing small growth signs but they are still stunned! because I dont have the budget to buy a root stimulator right now I went on searching the internet and Found out that cinnamon is a great root stimulant so I used a very small amount of water and mixed it with cinnamon powder from the kitchen poored it in the root zone and It might have helped im not sure but today they showed signs of small growth, Both autos are starting to develop the distinctive cannabis smell I got close to it and sniffed it and It smells godamn good.
    My conditions are somehow far from ideal the only thing im missing is the air extraction but I now keep my window always open and I set the fan on the end of the room to help push that hot air out, whilst allowing some "natural" air intake from the window,
    Heres a couple of photos I just took to show you guys, please let me know what do you think and give some constructive critic So I can improve and one day become a master grower. I will invest on better material in the future but gradually because low budget. I'm using propylène bag's as pots, a Diamond open reflektor, A damaged 400w HPS Bulb and a ETI 400w magnetic ballast.

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    Looks good mate, just keep an eye and they should take root again. Only thing is your soil looks a little dry. Might wanna water/feed soon

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