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Thread: soil flushing and ph

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    Default soil flushing and ph

    Hi, I wish to flush the soil, the soil is about ph6.2 or so, I read that its not good to vary the ph too much, not more than about 0.1 a day. Now, if I flush the soil with tap water about 7.5, is it going to adversely affect the soil ph?
    Secondly, can I add rootagen [to help the roots] or h202, hydrogen peroxide int he flush, what about cleanex (waht is it?) any help appreciated

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    hi m8 i like to flush my plants every 3 - 4 weeks just to get any salt build up out the soil , i dont care about the ph level really i just correct the ph as i feed them again , if ur that bothered get some bottled water from a shop it should have a better ph level than tap water . but dont worry too much your plants will love being flushed even by tap water , good luck
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    I wouldn't agree with flushing without adjusting the ph first. Cannabis plants will survive most abuse but we are in the business of growing the best not just letting them grow. ph your water to about 6.5 as your soil ph is a little bit low. Also if you use tap water let it stand for 24 hours first to allow the chlorine to evaporate away. Bottled water does not always have the right ph infact most bottled water comes from limestone rock beds and can have a naturaly high ph unless it's been adjusted by the distributor.

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