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Thread: The difference between 600 watts and 1000 in yield

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    Default The difference between 600 watts and 1000 in yield

    Hey guys new here and this is my first post

    Im planning to get my hands a little green and start my own grow.

    Im thinking about trying out lowryder for starters for the easy/short gratification.

    Im going to use Yaroots X-Tank 20 Pots MAXI wich is 100x100 cm
    so its 1 sqaremeter.

    Is it to much to pack 20 plants in 1 sqm. ?
    do i lose a lot of yield on each plant ?

    And im wondering how much the real difference in yield using 1000 watt lights in stead of 600 watts.

    There is around 50 euro difference between them but the 600 watt has an electric ballast so im wondering wich i should choose.

    Any help on that subject would be much appriciated.

    Thanks for all your post and hope to be able to help someone here in the future.


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    Hi mate, i was looking to put a single 1000w in my 2m x 120cm x 120cm tent but was told i might have heat issues keeping the temps down so i think you might be better with the 600w . Also 20 plants does sound a lot for that size tent, im no expert but im sure its way to many, i suppose it depends on how long you want to veg and flower for......good luck with ya grow
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    600 will be fine and will cost less to run plus you can get a 600 closer to the plants,2 400s are good if you have space but it don't sound like you do.
    A 1000 would put off a lot of heat .you would get 20 plants in there.

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    Thanks guys
    this helps alot
    600 it is then

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    600's are best, better lumens per watt than a 1000
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