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Thread: Autopot Airdome. Increases yeilds ! Read this first !

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    Wink Autopot Airdome. Increases yeilds ! Read this first !

    Waz appning ???

    Alright, I`ll keep it short.

    The aquavalve as supplied does not flood the pot enough for the airdome to sit in enough water.
    Fresh air to the roots is good too, but we want it bubbling away!

    About 6 grams ( a 10p piece is 6.5 ), is placed inside both of the two round floats found on the end of the top float.
    This will now alow the dome to sit in about 20mm of water.
    The water level should be almost over the top of your aqua-valve itself.
    Prick a few more small holes in the supplied 4 air-line tubes, closer to the bottom of the air-dome. Ie, in the water.

    The autopot will run as usual, but will take longer for a wet/dry cycle.

    Hope this helps someone else

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    B&Q Compost/Pelite/Vermiculite with full range Vitalink Nutrients in
    DR120 with 250w Hps or Mh or 600w Grolux with Parabolic Reflector.
    12" and 6" Fans.
    RVK 150A / Filter / Acoustic Ducting. SMS Single Fan Controller.

    Last Grow = 9 NL cuttings and also one La Lybella in an Autopot for 26oz.
    This Grow = 1 each of - Rock Lock/ Sour Kush/ Wappa/ Sensi Star in Autopots.

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