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Thread: Percentage of brown hairs at 2 weeks to finish and expected yeild (with pics)

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    Default Percentage of brown hairs at 2 weeks to finish and expected yeild (with pics)

    Hi all
    Just wondering whats the average amount of brown hairs there should be on buds with 2 weeks to go.
    i'm guessing there's about 10-15% so far on my blueberry's and the buds are getting alot harder , was curious if thats normal for this stage.

    Also here's a few pics (not great quality ) these were taken with 3 weeks left till finish.
    Does the plant look average size for a 600w HPS grow in soil , i vegged for a month and were 2ft when changed to 12/12 , just over 3ft now.
    blue2 sidebud..jpgblueberry 2..jpgblue bud 2..jpgblu2buds..jpg
    should i expect over an oz off this ?
    btw this blueberry was from cutting

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    How many weeks has it been sinse you flipped lights over to 12/12 mate?

    Also its hard to guess whether its over an oz or not with nothing really to gauge size up to!

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    its just starting its 7th week flower , i flipped on 8/7/10
    the top bud in pic 1 , is 2 clipper lighters long if thats any help.

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    As a rough rule its 70% brown hairs but the way to tell is with a loupe and look at the colour of the trichomes, nice firm buds is what you want so your good there. The last few weeks of flower is when they pack on wieght and start to change colour, its all looking good mate. Cant judge on final wieght i am crap at guessing that and always wrong with mine lol, you should pull more than an oz though i would of thought

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