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Thread: help how can i lower my humidity

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    Default help how can i lower my humidity

    hi im on my 7th week of flower and im having problems with my humidity , its at 47% with lights on and 75-80% with lights off , can i do something more to my room to help lower it ? or do i need to go buy a dehumidifier ? if i really need a dehumidifier can anyone recomend one for about 100

    room spec is 7ft l x 4ft w x 7ft h
    600hps one end 400hps other
    2 x 4inch carbon filters extraction one end , 1 x 6inch intake other end
    15inch fan blowing under lights , 12inch fan under canopy
    lights on temp 30 , lights off temp 20

    if any more info on my room is needed just let me know

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    blurry-vision Guest


    Open a window in the grow room, get more fresh air in.

    And keep your oscillating fans inside the grow area going 24/7.

    Works well for me.

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    thanks for the fast reply , all 5 fans that i have in my room are running 24/7 , ill try opening the window a little more now to see if that helps

    sorry i should have also said that my 'grow room' is a large tent in a normal room , would heating the tent to about 25 when lights are off help ?

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    I don't think so mate, as far as I know the best way is to get more fresh air in, as it's not particuarly humid outside now, you have basically got a micro climate in your room which you need to change the best way is by getting more of the outside weather inside, even keeping the door open that leads to your grow room will help and open other windows in the house, getting the whole house/flat more ventilated is the key.

    Colder weather will obviously help too, the other day when it was cold my humidity was only 35%, yet today when it was a warmer and more humid day it went back up to 50%, basically in the next few weeks I think you'll see the humidity outside go low and that will help you out a lot..
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    what humidity do u use when vegging??

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcus View Post
    what humidity do u use when vegging??
    When vegging you need high humidity, if I need a little extra I usually steal more off blurry-vision.

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