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Thread: Paradise Seeds Dutch Dragon Smoke Report

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    Default Paradise Seeds Dutch Dragon Smoke Report

    Link to Grow Diary:!

    Strain and Seedbank: Dutch Dragon Feminized from Paradise Seeds. Sativa/Indica 75/25

    Numbers of grows or years growing: My sixth grow overall and second hydroponics grow.

    Grow Equipment, Location & Style: Wilma4 ebb and flow hydroponics tray in DR 120 tent, 100mm RVK extractor fan and CF, passive air intake, 600 Watt High Intensity Discharge lamp.
    Plants grown naturally untopped

    Nutes/Feed: Vegetative Growth Rhizotonic + Canna Aqua Vega + Cannazym
    Flowering Growth Canna Aqua Flores + PK 13/14 + Cannazym

    Weeks of veg: 4 weeks (28 days)

    Weeks of flower: 10 Weeks

    Colour of Trichomes at Time of Harvest: 50/40/10 Clear/Cloudy/Amber

    Wet Yield: 42 oz

    Drying Time: 7 Days

    Dry Yield: 13 Ounces 10 grams

    Curing Time: 2 weeks and still ongoing

    Bud Density 9/10

    Bud Appearance Comments: Very long and extremely dense colas that produce copious amounts of sticky resin and trichomes.

    Grindability 8/10: Provided it's dried properly it will fluff up very nicely in a grinder.

    Smell in Veg 5/10: One of the less aromatic hybrids during vegetative growth, especially for a Sativa.

    Smell in Flower 7/10: Odour will become pungent during mid/late flower and a CF will be needed for indoor cultivation.

    Smell After Curing 7/10: After curing the smell is a very pleasant fruity/citrus smell.

    Smell of Smoke 9/10: The same sweet/ fruity smell as above but very pungent and hangs in the air for a long time so be aware of this.

    Taste 8/10: Alovely sweet fruity taste, very pleasant.

    The High 8/10: Very subjective and depends on the maturity of the trichomes when harvested.
    For my grow I harvested at 50/40/10 Clear/Cloudy/Amber trichomes and this gives a clear, energetic high that allows me to function normally during the day when I have things ot do.
    If you let these Dutch Dragon mature into the amber trichome stage of maturity then you will get a very heavy couchlock stone that is best for nightime smoking.

    Length of Buzz 8/10: A good joint of this, i.e. about 1/3 gram mixed through a little tobacco will get you high for about 2-3 hours depending on your tolerance.
    I don't smoke bongs so I can't comment on that.

    Good Comments: Paradise Seeds Dutch Dragon feminized is a top performer and one of my favourite Sativa strains.
    I have never had a single hermie from the many feminized seeds I have used from this seedbank
    and their Dutch Dragon fems have very stable genetics that exhibit vigorous growth at every stage of development.
    Treat these plants properly and you can expect to be very impressed with both the quality and quantity of the bud.

    Bad Comments: Being a Sativa they have a long flower period of 10 weeks so you will need patience to see the grow through to the end and you should never harvest them early because the buds become very dense in the final 2 weeks of flower.

    General Comments: Providing you have the time and patience to grow Sativas then you should take Dutch Dragon under serious consideration.
    They are very reliable all rounders because they can be relied on produce a good yields of quality bud provided they are grown properly.
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