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Thread: What is the purpose of a carbon filter?

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    Default What is the purpose of a carbon filter?

    anyone help? I was told i needed one
    I'm in love with Mary Jaaaaane

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    Quote Originally Posted by blowin' smoke View Post
    anyone help? I was told i needed one
    And if you look in the thread where I told you you need one you will find out why.

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    you were told correctly.
    it will get rid of the smell given off by your growing plants and stop you getting arrested as you have already been told
    if you're retired or you ain't got a job and you ain't growing and smoking weed ,i don't know what the fuck you are doing!

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    No need for a carbon filter, or lights, just grow it in your living room window. It will get all the sunlight it needs and if it starts smelling you can just open a window. Shimples LMAO

    Or maybe you should listen to what your esteemed fellow growers in the know have told you already

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