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Thread: Purpling leaves - cold or deficiency?

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    Default Purpling leaves - cold or deficiency?

    Hi all,

    Soil or hydro: Soil
    plant age: Unknown
    pot size: Tiny! Approx 1 litre
    has it been repotted? and when?: Yes, ages ago
    soil type: Cheap as chips compost / perlite mix
    nutes or additives used and how often for soil: Baby bio only throught veg & flower
    temps (max min): Unknown
    humidity: Unknown
    lighting type: 125w blue CFL
    ph level: Unknown

    Firstly, please accept my apologies for the lack of info on this problem, its not my plant, its a friends. I went round to his last night and was presented with this.

    The plant in question is a Nirvana Ice, approx 12 inches high, in a tiny 1l pot (to try and keep size down), been flowering for around 5 - 6 weeks ish... Groom is a cupboard approx 1m3, only intake and extract are a crack where the door doesnt quite close, lol. Its quite a nice looking bushy plant, but a lot of the lower fan leaves haver gone purple to some degree and are now yellowing and dying off. Here's a pic:


    My first guess was cold night time temps, but I've never had this problem before so wasnt sure... Recent growth has been normal green so the purple leaves would coincide with the recent cold spell we had. No idea of actual day / night temps but as the groom is unheated I would guess the night temps get pretty low... Also, I gave my friend a Nirvana Papaya clone a few weeks ago, one of the leaves on this has started to go purple too where mine are all unaffected. It looks like the purple is spreading from the stem of the leaf to the actual fingers of the leaf, but on the Ice plant it looks like the purple is starting in the middle of the leaf and spreading outwards.

    Could also be a deficiency but I dont know what, maybe Mg?

    I realise it could be quite tricky to diagnose what with a lack of knowledge and far from optimum growing conditions, but any info would be gratefuly received!!

    Tks in advance...

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    I'd imagine that it was the cold that caused the extreme purpling.

    Unfortunately the plant is unlikely to florish in it's present environment and therefore will be struck harder than most. There are just too many things working against the plant's general health.... it's in a small pot, it's getting the wrong ratio of nutrients for flower, very little fresh air passing through the grow space, a blue spectrum bulb rather than red, the recent night time temps...... I would think that your friend's plant may well be surviving, but certainly not in tip top condition. This means the plant is less able to cope with any problems it may encounter, such as the recent cold weather.

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    Cheers for that Marmalade, makes sense...

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