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Thread: more good canna news-anti propoganda page

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    We can win the battle, there is more of us n them cmon

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    If you live in the USA, in the State of Florida, be sure to get out and vote on amendmint NO. 2 For Medical Marijuana, on November 4th, 2014. Thanks everyone, good luck and happy growing

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    I think that 'govern-mental' created stresses, cause our so called 'mental illness' not so much the pot. Where ever we live, its a struggle being a slave to this system, and after all we are sovereign beings trying to cope in a nasty money machine.
    We can win the battle for sure, and there is a guy who wants to help this be a reality.
    Do any of you know the name Nevil Schoenmakers? Often referred to as the king of cannabis?
    He is making a comeback! I was stoked when I read about it! This guy is just what the world needs.


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