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Thread: Hairs turning red/brown far too early?

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    Default Hairs turning red/brown far too early?

    Two blackberry plants grown from feminized nirvana seed. Both are covered in white hairs but one seems to have many hairs turning red already.

    Problem is that they're in the 5th week of flowering and Nirvana calls for 9 to 11 weeks.

    It seems that in another week or two that one plant is gonna be 75% red or so. Truth is - that plant has behaved differently throughout the grow - maybe it was a mixup.

    So should I wait for week 9, or harvest when the plant is mostly red?

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    Ignore the pistils (hairs) completely, they not telling u anything, only go by the trichs using a microscope, jewellers loupe. It isnt ready, and will go all those weeks still.

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    I concur...its the trichs you need to be lookin' at, not the pistils.

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