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Thread: Dry curling leaves

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    Default Dry curling leaves

    This is not my first time growing but its my first time indoors with lights and nutes.
    I'll give all the information I can. I have 20 plants AK48 and Master kush. The problem seems to be mostly with the master kush. The edges of some of the leaves are dry and curling under. There are also a few 'burnt?' spots on the leaves and one or two are blotchy yellow but not much. There are also two new leaves with yellow tips. Otherwise they are all very green and healthy with good growth.
    Now this is what I know I've done wrong.
    The temperature has been hard to control because of where they are.
    The highest point got to about 30 degrees C when I was getting used to the lights and the lowest it got to was 5-10 degrees C at night because theyre in the basement.
    I definitely overfed them in the beginning because i wasnt used to the amounts.
    I rinsed them through to wash that out and fed them less.
    They are in lite mix topped up with a little peat because I ran out of litemix.
    I'm giving them tap water but its not hard water. No lime scale is obvious.

    I would appreciate any advice before this problem gets any worse.
    pics here

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    Firstly, 10 plant limit here so you will get banned if you are doing 20 dude. Now assuming you killed 10 in the time it takes to read that...

    You need to avoid those big temperature swings. Get a little heater going. I notice no mention of humidity, if that is too low your plants will lose water too quick.

    You need to give the plant time to get over the little bout of stress, also you are looking for "healthy growth" from now onwards, the damaged leaves won't return to full health.

    Tap water - do you use ph testing? Try and keep your watering can around 6.5. You may have overfed them and then caused a nutrient lockout. You should be past this with a flush.

    Not sure exactly so maybe wait for someone else, but could be a magnesium def. You can just water with some epsom salts. Do a search to find out how much per litre.

    Hope that has helped some of your queries.


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    thanks Rizal. Didnt know about the ten plant limit but I'm only discussing ten Master Kush's anyway
    the outdoor temperature is rising now so it should be ok.
    Its been a nightmare trying to keep the temp from going too high though. Wish I'd looked into it a bit more prior to buying the kit.
    I've looked all over google to find pics of curled down leaves and couldnt find any.
    The closest i got was mag def with curled up leaves.
    So is that the same thing?

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