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Thread: Anyone using or used b52 by advanced nutrients?

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    Default Anyone using or used b52 by advanced nutrients?

    Anyone using this in a hydro system? Would like to hear results. Or is it a waste of money at 27.00 per l.????

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    Yes, I have used it as part of the "plan" that AN use.
    I like the stuff but it is expensive for some acids, some nutrients & "b" vitamins.
    It acts as a stress reliever as well as helping make your nutrients work.
    As part of the "package" including overdrive, Voodoo Juice and Big Bud, it does increase yields but which is responsible for which I couldnt tell you. I never did any testing to find out which was worth it and which wasnt.
    I have used Big Bud without the rest and it does increase yield. That would be my suggestion for some kind of flowering booster.
    Any suggestions are opinion only. I get some right, I get some wrong but I always try to help.

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    I love B-52. It can be kinda hard to really point to where it makes your plants grow better or bigger. It does help don't get me wrong but it's not like you're gonna see the plants on B-52 double in size compared to the ones that aren't.

    It's like if you take vitamins while you're growing up. You'll grow up healthier, and possibly bigger and stronger, but the big difference will be your health along the way. You get sick less, you're better able to deal with stress and such, and that will mean that at the end of the road you will be better than you would have been without vitamins but it's not always obvious how.

    It really does make a difference though. As you say it's a bit pricy but worth it IMHO.

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