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Thread: How much canna-butter can i make?

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    Wink How much canna-butter can i make?

    Hey all, this is my first post on the site. I was wondering. Im getting an ounce of bud from a friend next week, how much canna-butter can i make with it?

    I know a lot of you will prob tell me just to smoke it but I'm having very bad back pains these past few weeks and I'm planning to make brownies so i can get some pain relief while I'm at college.

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    An Oz would make a F**k load! I'd only use about 5-10g in a small batch, but I generally just use leaf matter anyway.. never used bud I dont think... *scratches chin*

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    Welcome! I can tell you I don't smoke so I won't advise you to smoke your buds. I grow my own so I can cook with it. I made my first batch of cannabutter a couple of months ago and documented it: There is also a good thread on making cannabutter in the Cooking with Cannabis section too.

    The first time I used a 1/2 ounce of bud for 1/2 pound of butter. I have no tolerance so it was really strong for me. It made me very stupid and too high. Everyone tells me edibles are much stronger than smoking and I do believe that. I also made my butter into fudge which used the whole 1/2 pound. With Brownies and such you most likely do not need that amount of butter so you might want to make the butter stronger. Most brownie recipies I have seen call for oil though so you could also make that.

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    If you don’t want to go through the process of making canna butter and you don’t have any digestive problems with eating cannabis plant material then you could grind up the oz and mix it with some butter, sugar and flour to make 100 or so cookies (vanilla extract and other flavourings really help mask the taste of the bud which can be quite strong). This would mean that each cookie would have a shade over ΒΌ gm in it, if you want a very light hit you could have half, or just one cookie, anything over that, be it on your head. The cookies can be stored for a good while in airtight containers or frozen if needs be. It would also allow you to administer you dosage in a more controlled way, especially in times when you can’t get any nice weed or have no money. Good luck on your venture, all the best.
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