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    Hi everyone got my room setup with cooltube and obv carbon filter which atm i have stand up on the floor can anyone tell me if its in the correct place or should i have it up high?? thanks guys

  2. "it needs to be up high mate and keep the ducting as sort and straght as possable.
    hear's a pic of mine

    good luck..."

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    It`ll do its job ok stood up but the best place for then is up high as a rule .

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    as close to the ceiling as possible, providing there is still good airflow around it.

    having it on the floor will cause it to extract the rooms cold air, whereas up high its removing heat and smell. if your using a cool tube and temps aren't an issue it should be fine
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    it needs to be up high mate and keep the ducting as sort and straght as possable.
    hear's a pic of mine

    good luck...

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    It'll work anywhere - but if its on the floor you'll get hot stale air at the top unless you have a fan circulating air around inside your tent - so hung from the roof is best.

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