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Thread: When to use flowering (bloom) nutrients

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    Default When to use flowering (bloom) nutrients

    This is my first grow so I'm very inexperienced... I have been using Dyna-gro Grow for veg for 3 weeks now. I got my clones when they were 2 weeks old. Today is the first day that I'm switching the lights over to 12/12. I figure since I'm already using Dyna-gro, I'll stick with it & use their bloom formula...

    My question is: When should I introduce my flowering (bloom) nutrients from the first day of flowering?

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    usually growers introduce bloom nutes after 2 weeks going on 12 or when they see the first set of pistils
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    Im using Ionic nutes and i just done what the instructions said,i switched onto the bloom nutes a week after switching onto 12/12. Hope this helps you mate

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    i got the same kind of question to ask.
    iv just potted my plants on into they final pots (30ltr) in soil i also had them as cuttings & they will be 6 weeks old this sunday & iv used plagron light mix soil & im gona put them into flower saturday may 26th but would there be any need to feed them bloom for a while as there will be enough food in the soil for say at least the first 3 weeks into flower & if i did give them the bloom food to early would i damage the plants?
    i will be using the dutch pro range of nutrients & another question,have i got to use the grow b4 i use the bloom for all the nutrients to work?
    these may be silly questions but i havnt a clue as this is my 1st grow atempt

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