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Thread: 55 gallon plan

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    Default 55 gallon plan

    Hi all just wondering if this will work
    on my allotment i have a black 55gallon drum wich when i got my mate to put it over me was pitch black dark inside
    so was wondering if i put this over one of my plants for 12hours at night then take it off in the day will i make it bud

    Also if i was to forget to take it off one day will it being in the dark harm it

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    As long as you removed the drum after exactly 12 hours and did this for the entire flowering period (2-3 months), and there were no light leaks at all, the plan is feasible.

    Can't say as I'd like to do it myself though.


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    This is called 'force flowering' and can give awesome results if done well. Last force flower I saw was a black rose and it had a lot of tasty bud on it.

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