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Thread: How many OZ per plant?

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    Default How many OZ per plant?

    How many OZ would i be able to get from a grow on Hydrophonic - Wilma Dripper System...

    16 Pot system.

    I just want to know how many OZ do you get from one plant per grow?

    and how long does it take to grow? from start to finish...

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    have a look in the grow diaries so many different factors to yield like what size light what strain

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    It depend's on your grow room condition's, strain etc etc, Most strain's take 8-9 week's to flower on top of what ever you veg the plant for i tend to go with 4-5 week's veg, which mean's a total of 14 weeks then you have got to dry and cure which is really upto you how long you want to dry for i wouldnt go with anything less than a week or two though.

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