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Thread: Think different autoflower 8pot wilma dripper scrog

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    I have roughly about 5 weeks to go on my Think Different autoflower and White Widow photoperiod grow and I think things are going ok. In my 2x2x2 tent I have 7 think different autoflowers in an 8 pot wilma dripper system, they've been put in a 4x4 foot scrog. I also have 2 think different plants in soil. One of the think differents was a twin, and although i read many different comments on twin plants and how they are often doomed, i feel it is doin extremely well and i have also built a smaller 2x2 foot scrog so I could train both shoots away from one another. The twin looks like pretty cool and it's def my favourite project . My other think different soil plant has been allowed to grow normally. I also have 2 regular seedman White Widow photoperiod pIants which need to be removed from the tent for 6 hours extra as they need to be flowered under 12/12 and they need to be removed because my lights are on an 18/6 autoflowering schedule. My plants where vegged under 400w MH light for first two and a half weeks, then I added a 600w HPS light for another week and a half taking it up to 1000w before upgrading to 1200w HPS. I added my 2 600w HPS lights a couple of days before I began feeding the wilma the flowering nutes.

    This think different n widow grow is my second. I had a reasonably successful first one, growing 13 plants in soil, 6 Wappa (unknown origins) and 7 Sputnik (Apollo13xBlackRussian), yielding a total of 48.5 ounces. I grew the plants in a 2x2x2 tent and my light schedule was 18/6 veg, 12/12 flower. I grew them under a 400w MH light first 3 weeks of veg then added another 600w HPS vegged them for a further 2 weeks. After 5 weeks I changed to 1200w hps (2x600s), and began flowering them. I used basic nutes, Canna terra vega for veg and Canna terra flores for flowering along with some molasis sugar and bloombastic in the last 3 weeks, then flushed for 10 days. Dried then cured for 2 weeks. Wappa was 8/10, Sputnik 7/10

    I hope other people have attempted a similar grow, I feel as though I could use a bit of help to maximise my yield and any hydroponic flowering tips would be welcomed, I'm not 100% sure if I am pruning my scrog correctly too so help is also welcome there. I also think I can help others as I have had a few hiccups and have came through them ok... After panicing and seekin help of course lol

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    welcome to the forum Belfast and enjoy your stay mate, fine looking grow mate.


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